Tours to Pompeii from Rome: what to see in 1 day or more

Tours to Pompeii from Rome: what to see in 1 day or more

How to day trip from Rome to Pompeii: the ultimate guide

Rome, the amazing Capital city of Italy, is in a very strategic position for travel lovers.

Tours to Pompeii from Rome are on a daily basis and you can easily reach several unbelievable must-see places and leave for day trips from Rome. But let’s focus on Pompeii, among Italy’s best highlights and the most beautiful spot to see ancient Roman ruins, that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So, if you are asking what to see near Rome, Pompeii is your answer (and Day Tours Rome too)!

The city of Pompeii was an ancient Roman town near modern Naples, based in the Campania region, and it is mainly famous for the Roman ruins of the ancient city, located in the zone of Pompeii Scavi. The ruins are today part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a trip there, even if it is just for one day, is really worth it!

To visit Pompeii from Rome is very easy, and we are here to suggest you the best way to reach it, either you decide to book a private day tour from Rome to Pompeii or to go visiting Pompeii by car together with other incredible cities near Rome.

Best option: visiting Pompeii by car from Rome

There are a lot of tours to Pompeii from Rome, as tourists and travellers from all over the world now understand and love this amazing city, which it is only two hours away from the Capital of Italy! The best option we want to suggest to visit Pompeii from Rome is to go by car, as you will travel easily and fast, discovering amazing views along the way.

There are a lot of companies that book day tours to Pompeii from Rome, or maybe you are a traveller and you are always making on your own. But that’s why we are here for!

Day Tours Rome provides day tour solutions by car or minivans (suiting up to 8 passengers) and transfers with very skilled drivers, to help you enjoy your Pompeii day trip from Rome and, once there, your tours of Pompeii City.

We also have, in fact, a guided tour with licensed local guides and, if you can spend more days in the area, trips to nearby destinations such as Herculaneum, Naples, and Capri.

day tours to pompeii from rome

day tours to pompeii from rome

Solution: hire a private day tour from Rome

So here is your solution for your tours to Pompeii from Rome: simply hire a private day tour from Rome by car and you will not regret it! Smart, fast, reliable and fun too!

Why would you love to travel with us for your tours of Pompeii?

For so many reasons: because we set up everything for you, because it is time-saving and relaxing, as you could really enjoy being cuddled without worrying about traffic jams and driving… and in Naples’ region those both can be crazy as hell!

Having not to worry about driving lets you open your eyes and see the most precious things when you travel: watching people, discovering other cultures, picturing breath-taking landscapes and looking for places to go eat and enjoy the night time!

So our private day tour from Rome to Pompeii is what you really need (and deserve too)!

Day tour to Pompeii from Rome: must-see places

So let’s have a look at what to see in your tours to Pompeii from Rome and in your Pompeii day trip from Rome, as there are a lot of must-see places just around the corner!

Pompeii offers a free journey to the Ancient Rome of 1th century, just a time machine to travel through time: old houses, ancient temples, the amphitheatre and the thermal waters are definitely a must. But you can also see other two amazing places to live and breath the Italian History, Herculaneum and Sorrento, that in most of the tours to Pompeii from Rome are given for their undoubtable beauty.

1: Pompeii + Herculaneum

As regards the first option, Herculaneum, you should know that this was an ancient Roman town just like Pompeii, destroyed by Vesuvian volcanic eruption in 79 AD.

Unlike Pompeii, Herculaneum preserves its original splendour as the pyroclastic material from the eruption preserved wooden and other organic-based objects such as roofs, doors and beds that you can easily see on the main site.

2: Pompeii + Sorrento

Sorrento, on the contrary, is a totally different but still beautiful story.

From the Sorrentine Peninsula you can see the skyline of Naples, the Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri, while relaxing on the beach drinking Limoncello, the most famous lemon liqueur of the area, and breath the art and the Neapolitan “partenopea” culture.

Beyond Pompeii ruins: 3-days itinerary along Amalfi coast

If you have more days for your tours to Pompeii from Rome you should include these following Italy’s best highlights, three of the top destinations for those who decide to visit Italy going South: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello! Here are the solutions we intended for you travellers!

– Day 1: Pompeii

Day 1 is completely dedicated to Pompeii, as you need time to visit the Ancient Ruins of Pompeii Scavi and to enjoy a journey back to 1th Century! We take care of everything and you can relax after visiting, discovering Italian food and culture.

– Day 2: morning Herculaneum – afternoon Sorrento

Day 2 is dedicated to Herculaneum and Sorrento, easily reachable as they are really close, just one hour with our private day tour!

– Day 3: Positano, Amalfi, Ravello

day tours to pompeii from rome

day tours to pompeii from rome

Day 3 is a really bold itinerary to three of the most amazing Italian sites: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello! These three sites are really breath-taking, especially during spring or summer time, something you are not used to see but 100 % Italian style: blue skies, powerful colours of nature and flowers, amazing architectural visions, friendly people and a lot of great food too!

So you just need to breath, relax, be cuddled by the sea breeze and enjoy the amazing sunset of the Amalfi Coast!