Rome tours from Civitavecchia port: shore excursion tips you probably didn’t know

Rome tours from Civitavecchia port: shore excursion tips you probably didn’t know

Taking Rome tours from Civitavecchia port is a really good idea for those cruisers who want to make the most of their holidays with shore excursions.


Civitavecchia is the port of Italian Capital city Rome – and it is of course a key port of call for all Mediterranean cruises.

It takes less than one hour to get to Rome by car or minivan, so that you can tour around the Eternal City and visit Rome in a day, with no stress nor hustle.


Taking a tour from Civitavecchia port allows you explore sightseeing in Rome and near the main city just like a local would do, with a custom itinerary through Rome landmarks and places to go not to be missed.


But not all tours are the same.


Cruise companies usually offer standard shore excursions for groups in every port of call – and this applies to Civitavecchia as well.

Even Civitavecchia port’s tourist office provides shared shore excursions to see Rome in a day.


But let’s make it clear: standard group tours cannot ensure flexibility nor a personalized itinerary.

That is why every cruiser really must take into consideration private Rome tours from Civitavecchia port by car or minivan, with your own driver guide to complete disposition.


In this article we want to share with you our best advice on escorted tours from Civitavecchia, whether you long to go to Rome or to surrounding areas.

This guide provides tips and hacks for canny cruisers trying to arrange a memorable cruise through Mediterranean countries.

If you are among those visitors who want to make the best of their time on land, stuck on this article.


Tips and hacks: how to plan the best Rome day tour from Civitavecchia port

Why read our tips? Because providing private tours is our business. We’re Day Tours Rome, Italian leading company dedicated to customizable escorted tours along Italy.

This has been our job for ages and we know better what cruisers want.


Here’s a list of great tips on Rome tours from Civitavecchia port.

  • Take a full-day shore excursion from Civitavecchia to Rome and/or near

Make sure to start your tour early in the morning: take a full-day shore excursion from Civitavecchia to Rome so that you have more time to spend sightseeing.

The best hour to start a day tour in Rome from Civitavecchia port is around 7.30-8.00 AM with return around 6.00-7.00 PM.

Escorted Rome tours from Civitavecchia port usually last 8 hours, but anyone can choose its own timetable, of course, depending on cruise’s regulations.

And what if you don’t want to spend the whole day in the Eternal City? No problem: there’s a lot to see near Rome.

Maybe you’d like to explore some genuine part of Italy, like Castelli Romani – rural area around Rome – and lake Bracciano, to merge into some flourishing nature.

Far from marble and cobblestones.

  • Plan the round-trip itinerary well in advance

Don’t lose time trying to arrange self-made tours relying on public means of transportation: they do not work very well will cruise timing.

Plan your round-trip from Civitavecchia to Rome in advance, so that you have plenty of time to figure out what to see in Rome and near the city.

And you can also ask your staff help you arrange the perfect itinerary based on your preferences.

Personalization is a strong mission at Day Tours Rome. We make sure every visitor have the chance to feel an explorer, an insider – not a simple tourist.

That is why we offer extensive support for tour planning. We’re happy to tour Italy off the beaten track and let our guests unlock the secrets of our territory and culture.

Just because a shore excursion lasts around 8 hours it doesn’t mean it has a low worth. Your time is valuable – always.

Every hour has huge potential. And we help you put your time to good use.

  • What about sharing your Civitavecchia shore excursion?

Many cruise companies have their own “social network” allowing passenger meet virtually online before the journey starts.

Please, don’t grumble why on earth should you become friend with some random stranger before getting on the ship.

A strategical friendship can always come in handy. For example, you could find someone to share your shore excursion with.

Private day tours from Civitavecchia port to Rome are available for single passengers up to 8-person groups.

So, why not sharing tour expenses and multiply happiness?

Let’s imagine you are going to cruise with your partner. You have plenty of time for romance and intimacy.

Maybe, you would really enjoy the good company of another couple of travellers, to explore Rome from multiple points of view.

This could add a lot to your shore excursion – to the whole holiday, actually.

  • How to see the best of Rome in one day

Believe it or not, you can squeeze almost any sightseeing in one day.

Rome standard one day tours usually includes top highlights, such as: Colosseum, Vatican City, Imperial Fora, the Pantheon, Circus Maximus, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona.

And there are many more famous monuments like Villa Borghese, Castel Sant’Angelo, Capitoline Hill, Palatine Hill, the Quirinal Palace, Rome Catacombs, and the Appian Way.

Given that you will not get to see all the monuments of Rome in 8 hours, make your strategy. We suggest you choose 2 or 3 sightseeings plus a little break to eat and shopping.

This could be a great itinerary for a shore excursion: Vatican City in the morning – with skip all lines tickets and tour guide – stop for lunch in a typical trattoria or pizzeria maybe nearby the Spanish steps, and the head to Colosseum during the afternoon.

Anyway, tours are fully customizable.

Do you think one day tour is not enough? We agree with you. In fact, you can take many other shore excursions.

We don’t operate only Rome tours from Civitavecchia port.


If you take a Mediterranean cruise, you are likely to stop 3 or 4 times along the Italian coastline.

And you may want to take shore excursions in you port of call.

But it sounds stressful handling with multiple private tour companies and so many opportunities out there.


That is why you will fall in love with our following the ship tours.

You will have a private driver at your disposition every day at your port of call, ready to drive you wherever you want.
Isn’t it great?