Amalfi coast tours from Rome

Amalfi coast tours from Rome


Take the chance of a day tour from Rome to Amalfi Coast, a magic land located south of the Sorrento Peninsula not far from Naples, in the region of Campania. It is the right place where to refresh body and soul. While visiting Rome, the Amalfi Coast offers the chance to escape the cahotic city. Day Tours Rome offers a wide variety of Amalfi coast tours from Rome to suit your needs and expectations.

The Amalfi coast is a renowned source of inspiration for artists and writers. It is litterally dotted with jewel-towns such Amalfi the ancient Mediterranean Sea Republic, Sorrento, Positano and many more.

The Amalfi Coast awaits you with its pastel-colored villages overlooking the blue sea, its coves, fjords, mountain paths with unparalleled views, art, history and traditions. And of course, cuisine specialities. Tourist cannot really miss the Amalfi coast which was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1997.

Choose from our wide range of day tours from Rome to Amalfi coast or ask for our advice to arrange a customised tour.

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Amalfi coast tours from Rome

Day Tours Rome offers the chance to hop easily to the Amalfi coast with an Amalfi coast day trip from Rome. Rome is “caput mundi”, the capital of the world. But you don’t really want to miss the fabled land of Amalfi where the strips of land with enchanting villages plunge into the Mediterranean sea. To visit the Amalfi coast from Rome all you have to do is allow us arrange the best experience for you and your loved ones.

Half and full day tours from Rome to Amalfi coast are among our most demanded services.  Enjoy a no-stress tour full of intense emotions. Feel free to discover Amalfi coast attractions and let our drivers lead you in a charming itinerary allowing you unlock all the precious jems of the coast.

Amalfi coast tour from Rome include:

  • Pick-up service at your hotel or other meeting point in Rome
  • Car transfer by deluxe minivan from Rome to Amalfi coast with a well-versed driver guide
  • Detailed description of chosen destination along the way
  • Drop-off in front of sights
  • Guided tour with multilingual local guide (service on demand)
  • Optional transfer to further destinations
  • Return transfer to Rome (or other final destination) and drop-off

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Amalfi coast day trip from Rome, the best highlights

Amalfi coast tour from Rome, what can you see? Many enchanted destination you may not otherwise get the opportunity to visit. Some tourists while taking an Amalfi coast tour from Rome choose to stop in Pompeii to get their fill of history. Some people long to experience the beauty of relaxation of the shore. Some other during their visit to Amalfi coast from Rome prefer an adventurous itinerary across the fascinating allies of hilltop small towns where traditions seem to remain unchanged.

Here are some ideas for a day trip from Rome to the Amalfi coast. Many itineraries ranging from the charm of popular destinations to the thrill of hidden traditional villages.

  • Pompeii and Amalfi coast from Rome

Pompeii and Amalfi coast are the perfect pair of destinations for those who want to combine the charm of history and the beauty of nature. This day tour from Rome and return is among our best selling itineraries. After the pick-up in Rome, the day schedule could be like this.

Take advantage of the early morning to visit the archaeological site of Pompeii and discover all the secrets of Roman civilization; at noon, shift to the Amalfi coast just in time for lunch! There are so many villages to visit during our Amalfi coast tour from Rome, but it is not obvious to remember that the first destination must undoubtedly be the town of Amalfi, a unique place where compelling history joins the endless beauty of the landscape of colorful houses perched on the cliff above the sea.

Amalfi, a town – founded by the Romans – a former maritime republic that rivaled Pisa, Venice and Genoa for control of the Mediterranean Sea, now it is mainly frequented by celebrities and artists, as well as famous people of film and culture. Its nature is still pristine and crystal clear sea. To complete the idyllic scene, finally, the mild climate. Make sure to include this fabled town in your next Amalfi coast tour from Rome.

  • Sorrento and Amalfi coast tour from Rome

Amalfi coast includes a real masterpiece of colours and scents: that’s the town of Sorrento. Just look at a picture to realize that it is the city of colors and citrus. This is the home town of world-famous licor “Limoncello”. The landscape is truly unique: Sorrento stands on a terrace of tuff at the foot of Lattari with a bay full of beach resorts and a popular marina. There are thousands of reasons to add Positano on the itinerary of your Amalfi coast day trip from Rome.

Discover our custom Rome to Sorrento day Trip 

  • Positano and Amalfi coast tour from Rome

Positano is known as a magical place, where people can smell wonderful scents and see unique colors. Viewd form the sea, Positano almost looks like a shell. And the town actually enshrines real trasures sich as its ancient churches and the renowned path of lovers. During a Positano and Amalfi coast tour from Rome don’t miss the opportunity to get a pair of hand made traditional sandals.

  • Amalfi coast day trip from Rome, best spots and highlights

Take advantage of our comfortable day tour from Rome to Amalfi coast to discover a bunch of fables villages in Amalfi coast. Travelling with a private driver guide is the best way to appreciate this land deeply.

Vietri sul mare. Views and the charm of tradition. This in fact is the last of the countries of the Amalfi Coast, but not least, and is on the road for Salerno. Its origins are ancient and date back to the Etruscans. Interesting its landscape of Monasteries and Churches from large domes and tiles.

Ravello. The show here is guaranteed over the entire coast, with an eye to history. Nature and masterpieces come together, so much so that in 1996 UNESCO declared this World Heritage Site. The goal is primarily cultural, and you have made a visit Arturo Toscanini, Miro, Paul Valery, Greta Garbo, Robert De Niro.

Atrani. It is a quiet place, perfect for a romantic holiday. It is shaped like an amphitheater and a small cove is protected from the mountain. To relax a few days is perfect.

Conca dei Marini. It is located on the rocks of the coast with the highest point at 400 meters. Ancient Roman colony, gives a unique insight from every corner.

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Tours 1 to 3 passengers 4 to 6 passengers 7 to 8 passengers
Pompeii (6-7 hours) € 400 € 450 € 500
Pompeii-Sorrento-Amalfi Coast (12 hours) € 550 € 600 € 650
Pompeii-Sorrento (12 hours) € 500 € 550 € 600
Pompeii-Positano (12 hours) € 500 € 550 € 600