Day tours from Rome to Tuscany: travel tips you probably didn’t know

Day tours from Rome to Tuscany: travel tips you probably didn’t know

A day tour from Rome to Tuscany is always a great idea.

Once you are in Rome, it’s very easy to get to Tuscany in a cosy way, to enjoy a full day excursion around the best sights.

Florence and Pisa are on the top of the list: world-famous cities rich stand like witnesses of history, art temples, ambassadors of the Italian glamourous lifestyle.


Many tourists visiting Italy eventually decide to take a Rome to Tuscany trip, located just a couple of hour drive from the Eternal City.

Whether you want to squeeze the itinerary into a one day tour from Rome to Tuscany or rather spend more days in this region, you will never regret exploring this part of Italy.

Hit and run tourism is the first choice of loads of travellers coming to Italy: our country is so small and yet so full of beauty.

Most sights can fit a day tour as long as everything is well organized. What tourists believe possible sometimes is not. This is Italy, after all: a wonderful land erected on paradox and contrast.

So, today we want to share with you some foolproof tips for one-day-travellers who fancy going for a Rome to Tuscany trip by car within a day.

This is gonna be really useful.

If you want to make a day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa successful and unforgettable. If you want to take note of the best highlights you can get to see during a one or multiple day tour to Tuscany. If you want to design tours upon your needs.

Here you will find the how-to guide to the perfect day tours from Rome to Tuscany.

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Tuscany tours from Rome: 2 tips for you

You can immediately start planning your Tuscany tour from Rome after reading our tips and hacks. You only need 2.


  • Hire private day tours by car

This is the most convenient option, even if you are travelling on a budget. Believe it or not, public means of transportation may be quite expensive and not perfectly reliable.

Travelling by train takes longer. Browsing cities by bus may imply loss of time. Taking a taxi from sight to sight is not going to be cheap. And most of all: you will have to arrange all this – coordinate your movements step by step.

Be witty and book well in advance your private tour from Rome to Tuscany by car or minivan, depending on the number of passengers. An escorted Tuscany day trip from Rome is completely customizable, 100% flexible and time saver.

Contact us to plan your private tour: we’ll help you arrange the perfect itinerary fitting your needs.


  • Travel longer

If you want to have more time, just take more time! With a private day tour from Rome to Tuscany you can squeeze any sight in few hours.

But if you want to get to the heart of Tuscany, you’ll need to stay longer. Expand your trip: we offer real bargains for multiple day tours from Rome to Tuscany.

You can also get to see more cities along the way.

Day tour from Rome to Florence: try this itinerary

Resign to the idea you cannot condense all the sights in a one day tour of Florence from Rome. But a private day tour from Rome to Tuscany can really optimize your time and make the most of it.

If you want to go faster and deeper, we can book for you skip-all-lines tickets and hire a local tour guide.


Florence, sunset on Ponte Vecchio

Here’s what you must get to see during your one day tour in Florence.

  • Uffizi Gallery

One of the most ancient museums of Europe, with masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and many more.

  • Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

The square where political headquarter lies since many centuries: the Old Palace. This area is characterised by its iconic statues.

  • The dome of Santa Maria Novella

A fine example of gothic design, the dome of Florence is rather a state of mind than a mere building. You may enjoy climbing the cupola by architect Brunelleschi.

  • River Arno and Ponte Vecchio

The Old Bridge above the river Arno is one of Florence’s landmarks. It’s the only bridge of the city where still survive craft shops and houses.

  • Off the beaten track

Stroll in Oltrarno district, a sort of town in the town. You will like to stop at Pitti palace, Santo Spirito square, Boboli gardens. Fond of high level shopping? You can choose from artisan’s workshops and top rated restaurants and bars.

Day tour from Rome to Pisa: try this itinerary

A day tour from Rome to Tuscany can easily include a strategic stop in Pisa. It may be a quick stop of one hour, a half day tour or one day stay.

Pisa has a lot to offer tourists, but the main sights can be squeezed into a few hour tour.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Here are the most popular landmarks you need to see during your one day tour in Pisa.

  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Which is the bell tower of Pisa’s cathedral. It’s possible to climb the tower to get an amazing view upon the town towards the mountains. But be prepared to be disappointed: no one will tell you why on earth it is still standing.

  • Pisa’s duomo

The charming elliptical dome of the cathedral has been the first one in Europe of this shape and set the trend in little time. The cathedral used to be the largest in Europe at the time it was built.

  • Baptistry

Here is where Galileo Galilei was baptised. Did you know that?

  • Piazza dei Cavalieri

The knights’ square is a stunning sight of Pisa: it is the former seat to the order of Knights of St. Stephen.


Do you have any doubt or question about the day tours from Rome to Tuscany?
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