Day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa: 7 incredible places to see

Day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa: 7 incredible places to see

Thinking about taking a day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa during your vacation in Italy?

It’s such a great idea!

Rome to Tuscany day tours are the perfect way to discover an important side of Italy. Tuscany stands north from Lazio (the region of Italy’s Capital city) at just a stone’s throw from the Eternal city.

A one day tour by car or minivan from Rome could be enough to peep into Tuscany’s fascinating dimension.

But if you want to visit Florence and Pisa properly, consider the idea to stay away longer from Rome.

Being a day-tripper is fun and easy.

It may seem like a challenging goal, a sort of race against time. A source of stress.


There are many ways to play the role of a day-tripper. And some are better than others.

In order to enjoy properly a day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa, take note of this trick.

Hire an escorted day tour from Rome by car or minivan with a private driver guide.

Having a private driver allows you get to the very heart of every city and places to see.

You can easily and quickly move from a sight to another in minutes, avoiding any time loss and mad rush.

Our agency Day Tours Rome boasts extensive experience dealing with custom private tours, providing personalized serves ranging from one day tour from Rome or in Rome to long tours throughout Italy.

Here are our recommended sights for your day tours from Rome to Tuscany in Florence and Pisa.

4 must-see places in Florence during Rome to Tuscany trips


Here are some ideas to build your itinerary through Florence, the beautiful Renaissance cradle of Italy.

  • Klimt Experience

day tour from rome to florence and pisa tuscany trip

Klimt Experience

Charming multimedia exhibition, Klimt Experience showcases the art of Gustav Klimt and the basis of the Vienna Secession artistic movement (between late 19th century and early 20th century).

The former church of Santo Stefano al Ponte – just few steps away from Ponte Vecchio – is a treasure chest revealing precious masterpieces through an immersive experience.

Engaging visuals, projected works of art and embracing classical music offer a captivating full immersion in arts and emotions.

  • Duomo and Cupola vip tour

day tour from rome to florence and pisa tuscany trip

Scenic view on Florence Duomo

Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore is among largest cathedral in the world. With one of our top rated tour guide access the hidden areas of the cathedral and the surrounding buildings.

Skip all lines and go straight to the point: visit the duomo, the crypt, climb architect Brunelleschi’s Cupola and reach the rooftop, enter the Baptistry, discover the Bell tower. And lastly, browse the Museum of Duomo, newly restored, to find out great piece of art by Michelangelo and Donatello.

  • House of Medici and Renaissance

Uffizi Gallery

The Medici dynasty marked the beginning of a thriving era for Florence and Europe, in terms of politics, trade, culture, art, social life – have you ever watched the series Medici: Masters of Florence?

Take a stroll around city center’s narrow streets and find out the symbols of a never ending power: Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo Basilicas, the Uffizi Gallery, piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens, Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza SS Annunziata with its Hospital of Innocents designed by Brunelleschi.

  • Wine tasting and street food tour

day tour from rome to florence and pisa tuscany trip

Lampredotto panini

Tuscany boasts an extraordinary food tradition. You don’t need to leave Florence to taste unique Chianti wines and other 100% Tuscan specialities. For wine lovers, Florence offers high end enoteche – wine shops – offering immersive wine and food experiences. We can arrange an extraordinary tour through elite enoteche and libidinous food. Why not a street food tour? Walk the pebbly streets of Florence from side to side of Arno river and find out picturesque kiosk to taste a tasty Lampredotto panini.

3 top sights in Pisa during Tuscany tours from Rome


Not to be missed sightseeing in Pisa. These are the places we highly recommend for your day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa.

  • Salvador Dalì exhibition

day tour from rome to florence and pisa tuscany trip

Salvador Dalì work

Hosted in Palazzo Blu in the heart of Pisa, the exhibition dedicated to Salvador Dalì’s “Classical Dream” displays over 150 pieces of art of the greatest Surrealist artist.

Selected works reflect the direct connection between Surrealism and ancient art tradition of classical masters like Raphael and Michelangelo.

The exhibition sheds a light on the magical bond between technical-classical basis and modern creativity freedom.

  • Miracles’ square and Leaning Tower

day tour from rome to florence and pisa tuscany trip

Leaning tower of Pisa

On your own or with a local tour guide allowing skip all lines, you can’t really miss the chance to see the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, situated in Miracles’ square. A garden in the city where white marble buildings rise as imposing as the history they carry inside. They are the main cathedral, the baptistry, the bell tower which happens to be the world-famous Leaning Tower – and you really must get on top of it!

  • Along Arno’s riversides

day tour from rome to florence and pisa tuscany trip

River Arno in Pisa

The Arno river borders the town of Pisa in such a lovely way. The architecture that develops along the north and south bank is purely characteristic. There are at least 3 options to get a charming experience exploring Pisa along the Arno river. First, a scenic drive with your private driver guide: go and stop wherever you want. Second, a boat trip along the river or even a mini-cruise around Pisa. Last, a romantic walking tour: you won’t get to see much, but experiencing the river and its environment so close is a breathtaking activity.

Above itineraries are perfect for a 2 day-tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa. But you can squeeze it into a day: just choose your favourite activity and that’s it.

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