Day tour from Rome: best places to see within a day

Day tour from Rome: best places to see within a day

Are you fancying to take some day tour from Rome while in the Capital city of Italy?


There is a whole to discover outside Rome. Wonderful towns, coast villages, ancient ruins, art cities and rolling hills you can reach within a day tour range.

A day trip from Rome allow you unlock the numerous secrets of Italy, to find hidden gems at a stone’s throw from the Eternal City.


How can you sort out the many options?

Just let us lead you into the very heart of Italy with this handy how-to guide for voracious travellers.

We will help you figure out what are the best highlights near Rome, what to see and how to get there. Because there are so many attractions and so many ways to experience Italy.

But we will tell you the only way to explore Italy as a local.


Are you ready to go off the beaten path?


You will not be alone. Let us explain why.

The best day tour from Rome experience: how

If you have browsed some travel forums in search for travellers’ reviews and opinions, you probably noticed that many tourists point out how strenuous it is to cover multiple destinations in Italy with public means of transportation, in one day. And it is, indeed.


Day tour by minivan or car in Italy departing from Rome

Some travellers share their experience on long and tiring self-arranged day tours hopping on and off trains and buses.

Every nook and cranny of Italy is worth a visit, for sure. And the truth is that there is another option – the chance to have a real taste of Italy.

That people do not know or do not want to take into consideration, because of jeopardy.


Prices are high. You’re gonna be in a hurry anyway. It will be a shared tour.

Nah. Don’t listen to people who say this.


How can you get the best experience from a day tour from Rome?

It’s easy.

All you have to do is hiring a private tour by car or minivan departing from Rome, with your own driver guide.

Private tours from Rome by car or minivan: what about

Private day tours from Rome by car or minivan are the best option to browse Italy with no loss of time, maximum return of investment, no stress, and – most of all – great memories.


What is a private/escorted tour?

It is an organized travel provided by a specialized company – better if a local business – which combines transportation by car or minivan – depending on the number of participants – with the knowledge of a well versed driver guide.


Private tours by car involve:

  • a great ease of movement
  • flexible schedules
  • fully customizable itinerary
  • deep understanding of territories, sightseeing and culture thanks to driver guide’s insights.


Private tours happen to be highly convenient because:

  • you can share expenses: escorted tours by car or minivan allow up to 8 passengers
  • you have security: someone takes care of you
  • you have a fixed timetable: driver picks you up and drops you off at agreed time and place
  • no loss of money: you won’t miss trains or guided tours in monuments – which cannot be refund
  • no loss of time: you travel 100% efficiently and you can also book skip-all-lines tickets
  • you can experience more: browsing Italy by car allows you discover any corner, plus you can get practically anywhere – which you can’t by bus or train


Day tours from Rome: where to go in 1 day

Here are some great tips for your day tour from Rome.

If you are wondering what to see in 1 day near Rome and which sightseeing are most worthy squeezing in a few hour tour, here you can find pretty good answers.


We suggest you choose a region close to Lazio, that means close to Rome. Options range from Lazio itself, Campania – the region of Naples – Tuscany – where Florence is – Umbria – with Assisi, hometown to St. Francis.


Within a private day tour from Rome by car or minivan you can get to cover approximately 180 miles, reaching final destination in a 2hrs 30min drive.


A full-day trip from Rome can take until 12-13 hours and the great news is that you can really make the most of your time.


Within this range you can choose from numerous types of routes.

If you’re interested in art, monuments and history you have plenty of choice: Roman ruins and archaeological sites in Pompeii, Gothic architecture and Renaissance art in Florence and most of Tuscany, medieval towns and artworks in Umbria and so on.

If you’re more into nature and stunning sceneries, you will fall in love either with Tuscany rolling hills in Chianti area and breathtaking views of rocky Amalfi coast above the Mediterranean Sea.

Best day trips from Rome: recommended itineraries

Here are some of the most popular and top rated one day trip routes, for those who want to experience private day tours from Rome.

Day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa

Plunge into Renaissance cradle with a day tour from Rome to Florence and Pisa. Climb up Brunelleschi Cupola to enjoy a romantic view on Florence rooftops and river Arno. And then dive into the mysteries of Pisa’s Leaning Tower.

Day tour from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi

With a day tour from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi you’ll experience a route full of emotions. First, stop exploring Pompeii archaeological ruins: a former Roman city completely submerged by the eruption of mount Vesuvius in ancient times. Then enjoy a lively break on the seaside in Amalfi coast.

Day tour from Rome to Siena and Chianti wine tasting

This is quite an alternative route. Discover the slow-paced part of Italy, where the medieval town of Siena stands out among green and yellow hills. Take a tour at downtown and then browse the countryside in search of Chianti wineries, for a delightful wine tasting experience.

Day tours from Civitavecchia port

Shore excursions for cruisers stopping in Civitavecchia port of Rome? You can choose from a Rome tour from Civitavecchia or a vast exploration of Italy, ranging from above destinations. And what about an alternative retreat in Roman countryside of Castelli Romani or Bracciano lake?

day-tours-from-rome-florence-amalfi-coast-civitavecchiaNow you may be wondering why do we have such extensive knowledge about day tours from Rome, routes, details, tourists’ choices…


Well, because it is our job!


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